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Google+ App Updated With Completely New UI

Google+Since Google has released the Google+ app for Android, they have been improving it on a regular basis. Google+ has probably been the most updated Google app since its release, most likely because the service started in a field test. The app has been updated yet again today, with a completely redesigned app.

The new app has a look and feel similar to the look and feel of some of the Ice Cream Sandwich Google apps shown at the Galaxy Nexus event in Hong Kong. In fact, the new app’s screenshots have the Ice Cream Sandwich button layout on the bottom, which is exciting to start seeing in the Market. The new UI and layout is similar, but looks better and feels smoother and crisper than the previous version. The full list of additions in this version are as follows:

What’s in this version:

  1. Completely new app and new visual design
  2. Battery life improvements
  3. Navigation and performance improvements
  4. Significant notifications improvements
  5. Brand new posting UI
  6. Several bug fixes
  7. Support for Google Apps users
  8. Ability to sign out
  9. Add people to a circle from circle profiles

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