Google: Android Daily Activations Flat

I don’t understand how everyone else missed this news. Engadget reported live from the Google Music event today, the numbers that Google wanted us to hear about Android.  Google has now activated 200 million Android devices. This number is quite impressive considering we’re only 50 million less than Apple who has been around a year longer.

However, that’s not the whole story.

In late June Google’s Android Godfather, Andy Rubin announced that Android was activating 500,000 devices a day.  Not even two weeks later, Google’s CEO Larry Page announced that Android was activating 550,000 devices per day.

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Then, back on October 5th, Michael Degusta from posted a revealing story showing that according to Android’s growth we should see one million activations a day very soon.  According to Degusta’s research there were two different methods used to count the daily activation count. The first method would mean we were going to reach one million activations per day on October 20th. The other method meant we’d have to hold out just a short while longer until December 5th.

Today though, Google revealed that we were still activating “over 550,000” per day. Just how much over 550,000 though? We’d imagine if the number was significant we would have heard the actual number and not just “over 550,000” per day.

This news makes it pretty certain we aren’t going to be activating a million a day in just 3 weeks on December 5th.

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