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Gartner: Android Up To 52.5% Of Smartphone Users In Q3

Gartner just released their results for the third quarter of 2011.

Worldwide sales of mobile devices increased to 440.5 million units in the third quarter. Amazingly, Nokia is still on top overall. Gartner researchers credit this to sales of feature phones, flip phones and “dumb phones” in emerging markets.  Samsung was in second place overall in total mobile sales.  The 440.5 million accounted for an increase of 5.6%

“Our forecast for the end of the year remains broadly in line at a worldwide level as regions such as Asia/Pacific and the Middle East and Africa make up for weaker performance in the Western European market,” said Annette Zimmermann, principal analyst at Gartner based in Munich.

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Smartphone sales are of course what we really care about. Smartphone sales reached 115 million in Q3 2011. That’s up 42% from the same quarter in 2010. Smartphone sales were off 7% globally from Q2 to Q3.  Gartner suggests that this is because consumers were waiting for new devices with the latest versions of Android and iOS.

“Some consumers held off upgrading in the third quarter because they were waiting for promotions on other new high-end models that were launched in the run-up to the fourth quarter holiday season,” Ms. Cozza said. “Other consumers were waiting for a rumored new iPhone and associated price cuts on older iPhone models; this affected U.S. sales particularly.”

Samsung was the number one smartphone manufacturer in worldwide sales to end users. According to Gartner Samsung sold 24 million smartphones in Q3 alone, compared to Apple’s 17 million.

With that in mind Android saw an increase to 52.5% of the global smartphone OS share. Oddly enough Symbian beat out iOS for the second spot with 16.9% of the market share while Apple came in at 15% down 1.6% from the same quarter in 2010.

Although people keep talking about the momentum of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft came in last place out of all the named Smartphone OS’s with just 1.5% of the market share. What’s even more bizarre is that in the same quarter last year Microsoft held 2.7% of the global smartphone market. Microsoft still had old devices with Windows Mobile 6.5 on them last year at this time.

Source: Phandroid & Engadget

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