TDG Game Spotlight: Dungeon Defenders for XBLA and PSN

Some of you may have played Dungeon Defenders on your Android phone, but now Dungeon Defenders is available on Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, and PC. While the Android version of this game was very well done, it was a little hard to play unless you were using the Sony Xperia Play with a proper gamepad. It has basically the same story line and look of the game, but it has definitely come a long way as far as character development and LIVE play.

You start out with the story of Etheria, an old kingdom that was home to brave warriors through the ages. These warriors stood together to protect Etheria and were led by immortals known only as the Old Ones. The champions locked away the power of the Old Ones inside Eternia Crystals. These warriors have left their youngest decedents in charge of the castle chores and as is often the case with children they have become bored with their mundane tasks and decide to play. They then manage to release the dark forces that were put to rest so long ago.

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Yes, I know, a little out there, but what RPG doesn’t have some twisted back story to get you ready for the fight? So you proceed to choose your Character. You can choose from an Apprentice (wizard apprentice that is), Squire (a young knight), Huntress (your young female hunter), and a Monk.

Dungeon Defenders is a combination of Tower Defense and Action RPG games and is much more than your standard strategy game since you get to interact with the battles rather than just telling your character a move and then waiting to get hit back like most strategy games. You start in the Tavern or the Deeper well, depending on what you choose. From there you learn to summon defenses and start to level up your character.  You activate your Eternia Crystal and then battle Evil Knights and what look like Trolls to protect your crystal. If you die, you simply respawn, but if your crystal dies you must start the battle again.

The great thing is you have the option of online play in a split-screen format or the story play which is done alone. The graphics are very “cartoon-ish” and very animated in their voices and actions. Dungeon Defenders has many fun tasks such as leveling up your character, buying and selling the items you’ve collected, customizing and upgrading equipment, and learning new abilities for your character.

Overall this is a great game. It is rated E-10 and up and I think that’s a very fitting assessment in age. This game is very fitting for 10 to 14 year olds. It’s not real blood like in the older age brackets, in fact it’s purple. And the trolls explode into goo and the bad knights just disappear. This should ease some parents minds about letting their children play it. So it is definitely setup for a younger age group but it’s good to start the younger ones on the strategy games now. But as a final note: it’s fun, it’s challenging, and it’s good for teaching rational, strategic thinking so you aren’t losing brain cells, you’re helping them.

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