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Galaxy Nexus Problems Reported, Vodafone Holds Release

According to a report on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is experiencing some strange problems.

The biggest problem being reported is dubbed “SAV-Ghost” which stands for Self Aware Volume Ghost. According to reports from users on XDA and other forum websites their Samsung Galaxy Nexus devices are turning down automatically.

One XDA forum user, Jonnyguitar, reported:
“This morning the volume went down on its down. I actually saw the volume bar appear and decrease, as if I was pushing down on the rocker. It happened twice. Both times I was hammering the phone so perhaps it’s related to RAM? The first time I was moving six 400mb avi files from one folder to another using a file manager app, and listening to MP3s at the same time,”

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Another poster reported that the volume ghost took over their phone during a call and would not allow them to turn the device back up.

Flash support is another complaint Galaxy Nexus owners are having. Google has acknowledged that Adobe doesn’t offer Flash support for Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, yet but it is in the works.

The first person to purchase a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Anthony Loannou, reported that he received a developer version rather than the retail release. He described his first Galaxy Nexus as “Wonky”. Fortunately for Loannou he was able to return that developer model for a retail version that is working better.

Although Vodafone hasn’t credited their release delay directly to the problems reported with units released on November 17th, they did give this statement to pocket-lint:

“We’re continuing to test the Galaxy Nexus software to ensure our customers get the best possible experience of the device. We’ll provide concrete details on availability once the testing process has been successfully completed

The latest U.S. rumor has the Galaxy Nexus releasing on December 8th.

source: Pocket-Lint



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