Dolphin Browswer Passes The 10 Million User Mark

Mobotap, the developer behind alternative mobile browser Dolphin, has reported that they’ve passed the 10 million user mark.  Dolphin started on Android in 2009 and has since added an alternative browser for iOS devices.

According to a report by AllthingsD’s Ina Fried, Mobotap plans to announce that they have a new iOS product ready along with their announcement of 10 million users.

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Dolphin has  been a favorite of Android users. One of their features early on that was an attraction to Android users was the ability to render a website in “desktop” mode. The native Android browser will render a site in mobile mode when their is a mobile site available.  For example, paypal’s website renders in a limited mobile version that doesn’t give the user access to important historical information. Opening it up in Dolphin shows you the site as if you were looking at it on a desktop.

At this point, most other browsers now have that feature so Dolphin has moved on to things like magazine view which makes web pages look like magazine pages a la flipboard.

Even in just 2 short years the alternative browser space has become more crowded. Products from long time mobile web browser company Opera and Mozilla’s mobile version of Firefox make the landscape more competitive.

As Fried points out, Mobotap’s head of marketing Edith Yeung has an uphill battle. Yeung told Fried that even her friends think it’s crazy to take on a mobile devices native browser. Naturally more people use the native browser than any alternative.  Dolphin has a good slice of the market even at 10 million.

Source: ATD

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