Developers Millennial Media Will Help You Grow From The Bedroom To The Boad Room Part I

Millennial Media, Fun Mobility, Urban Airship, TapJoy and more will all be on stage at the upcoming Android Homecoming event February 10th-12th 2012 in Mountain View California. There are still a hundred or so tickets left here.

The developer track at the Android Homecoming is called “From the bedroom to the Board Room” with the focus being on all you crazy developers who work all day long at a “day job” and spend all night coding. All the developers who say to themselves, ” I really wish I could make my living doing Android”, well you can, and one of the ways to do that is with Millennial Media.

Millennial Media provides an easy to use SDK for developers with even limited amounts of experience. With the SDK you can add different types of ad units from a variety of Millennial’s advertisers, that range from simple, but professional looking banner ads to full blown rich media ads.  Millennial has a stable of advertising ranging from major Motion Picture Studios like Paramount to Volkswagon, Honda and many more. Some of the biggest brands on Madison Avenue trust their ad spend with Millennial Media.

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What this means for developers is that you can get real advertising with great CPM and volume. As we head into the holiday season there is an abundance of new inventory looking to reach new developer partners.

In this multiple part interview series we talk with Millennial Media’s Senior Vice President Matt Gillis who handles “supply side” meaning everything that has to do with developers. Gillis is no stranger to the mobile applications space, he began his career in mobile with Verizon and Vcast, he then spent some time with mega studio CapCom and oversaw everything from Street Fighter to Smurf Village.

In February Millennial is going to host a panel of real people who’ve made thousands upon thousands of dollars per day, per week, and per month from a variety of sizes. Gillis will have companies the size of Electronic Arts on the panel and “Fred in the Shed” developers who’ve been able to quit their day jobs and go full time in Android.

Keep checking back for more of this interview with Gillis and of course hop over to to your tickets to the event.