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Consumer Interest In Windows Tablets Fades

An interesting report came out today from Forrester research.

Forrester, long known for their interest in the mobile space, has released a report today that shows consumer interest in a Windows 8 tablet device has 21% in the last six months.  Forrester asked consumers who participated in their semi-annual survey what brand tablet they would get. Of course the top pick was an iPad  followed by Android.

Windows 8 has been previewed on tablets at various industry and developer events including AllthingsD and the Intel developers conference. There is also a developer version floating around however according to many sources Windows 8 won’t be ready for the masses until the fall of 2012. A year in the mobile world is an eternity.

Microsoft was hopeful that they could attract enterprise users to the Windows 8 platform based on enterprise adoption of legacy applications like Microsoft Office.

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It seems that many tablet users have found services like Google Docs, Documents To Go, and Quick Office which make almost a seemless experience of going from mobile platform to desktop programs like Microsoft Office.  In fact as more and more people and enterprise customers switch to cloud based solutions Microsoft’s core office business seems to be dwindling.

In Q1 of 2011 when Forrester asked consumers what tablet operating system they’d like to get an overwhelming 46% said Microsoft/Windows that number has dropped to 25% with the current research. Forrester said this number should be “alarming” to Microsoft.

“For tablets, though, Windows really isn’t a fast follower. Rather it’s (at best) a fifth-mover after iPad, Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, HP’s now-defunct webOS tablet, and the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet,” said Forrester analysts JP Gownder and Sarah Rotman Epps.

“While Windows’ product strategists can learn from these products, other players have come a long way in executing and refining their products — Apple, Samsung, and others have already launched second-generation products and will likely be into their third generation by the time Windows 8 launches,” Gownder and Rotman Epps added.

As ZDnet suggests Microsoft is taking too long to bring a Windows 8 tablet to market, especially if we are waiting until the fall of next year. By that time analysts (and ZDnet) expect Apple, and many of the Android OEM’s to be in or preparing their 3rd generation tablet device while Microsoft will just be getting started. Consumers will be comfortable with their mobile OS and already have a replacement for their Microsoft Office needs.

Many of the core OEM’s for PCs running Microsoft, including Acer, Asus, and Lenovo, are already deep into Android tablets and having success with them.

source: ZDNet

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