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BREAKING: Red Droid Incredible 2 Recalled By Verizon Headquarters

According to this memo sent to us by one of our Verizon Wireless ninjas and then verified, all Verizon Wireless stores are sending their on hand stock (or any remaining) back per an order from Verizon Wireless headquarters marketing.

It appears that the store stock may be used to fulfill orders from Verizon’s online and telesales channels. It could possibly be that the demand on those channels was too much for the stock in Verizon Wireless’ distribution centers.

There’s no word on whether the limited edition Red Droid Incredible 2 that was free Black Friday, will make back to Verizon Wireless stores. It’s also unknown as to whether or not retail partners are also having to ship units back. We’ll report more when we know more.

Did you pick up a free Red Droid Incredible 2 on Black Friday?


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