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Bizzy Checking Out For The Last Time

You may remember back at South By Southwest we found out about a new location based app for Android called Bizzy.

Bizzy flipped up the LBS (Location Based Service) model by encouraging people to “check out” instead of checking in.  The Bizzy app encouraged people to check out of a place with three distinct possibilities and commentary if they wished, that was used to aggregate recommendations to other users.

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For example, where most people check into a restaurant when they get there, with Bizzy you would check in at the end of your stay and then through a simple press of a button report on how the place was.  Bizzy added features to their app over the summer which allowed users to create a “want to try” list of restaurants, businesses and attractions that they could check out later on. The list was made based on those check out recommendations from previous users.

Bizzy was the brain child of Israeli native and serial entrepreneur Ghadi Shamia.  As Bizzy was gearing up for launch last year, the “check out” concept was fairly new and the Bizzy interface made it simple to use however it appears they couldn’t gain the traction they wanted to keep Bizzy going.

Shamia told Bizzy users in an email this morning:

While we had many loyal and engaged supporters and we were very proud of the product that we created, ultimately Bizzy did not attract the number of users it needed to sustain itself in the long run.

According to Shamia the app itself will be shut down by the end of the month. During that time he is working with his team to see if there is a way to extrapolate the  “try lists” and “favorites” for users to use after the app has officially closed it’s doors.

Shamia has been in the mobile and start up scene, coming out of Israel for his entire career. He is now based in California and you should keep up with him on his twitter here.

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