appsbar Comes Out Of Beta For Android and iPhone And Expands To Web And Facebook Apps

Do you remember back in the day when everyone wanted to get on the web, but registering an actual domain name through internic could cost you hundreds of dollars and take weeks to actually get going? Than along came sites like and now anyone with $7 and an internet connection could make their mark on the web?

Well that’s the same thing happening now with apps. When the app explosion started just two short years ago, you needed to be a great coder or know a coder who could develop your app. If you didn’t know a coder than you would have to fork over hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to make your “app”.  Well along came do it yourself 1-2-3 click app shops and while some of those sites do a shotty job at best, there are a handful of good ones. appsbar is one of those.

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appsbar, which you can find here, has a very easy to use interface which allows joe public to create an app from the content they want to provide in just a few minutes and in three easy steps. In fact appsbar will even handle the iOS app store and Android Market submission for you. What would you expect to pay for a service like this? Try NOTHING.  That’s one of the things that makes appsbar so great.

With their free app creation platform appsbar has now seen over one million downloads across both the Android market and the iOS app store. By the way, that’s all happened since April of 2011.

Now with the celebration of 40,000 app builders and over one million downloads appsbar has announced that they are now helping app builders get their apps on the web and Facebook. Starting January 2012 all apps created with appsbar will be able to be displayed and used on HTML5 programs and uploaded to Facebook to run in an iFrame.

“appsbar’s success is aligned with the incredible growth of Google and Apple’s app stores. As apps evolve into the new way we connect with people and the businesses and products we support, our community wants the added ability to engage their friends and customers on their own websites and Facebook,” said Scott Hirsch, founder of appsbar.

Hirsch and the team at appsbar are making ordinary people who want to create an app, into multi platform app creators (did we mention earlier it’s free?).

“We introduced appsbar to help more people take part in the exciting world of apps,” Hirsch said. “We’re continuing to develop it as a free-to-use tool, and the users themselves are defining for us what is possible with apps and where apps are going to be used.”

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