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App Spotlight: World of Warcraft Armory

One of the most popular games ever created, World of Warcraft is a massive multi-player online role-playing game. It has over ten million subscribers, and it’s player base is growing daily. Because of this ever-growing group of fans, Blizzard Entertainment Inc. decided to release an app for the mobile phone named the World of Warcraft Armory. Now their loyal fans can access their characters and much more whenever they see fit.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Despite its name, the World of Warcraft Armory app doesn’t just help the user access the armory. Besides that they can check their in-game calendar and realm status. They can access their auctions and see what is worth buying, and what auctions of theirs may have sold. They can hop into their guild chat and say “hi” to their friends while away from the computer. They can browse through a collection of in game items to their heart’s content. There is also a talent calculator for anyone who just wants to take a look at their spec, or maybe come up with something new and different. All of these options and more are available on the menu screen ready to be interacted with. Essentially, it’s Blizzards attempt at bringing as much of the game to their subscribers phones as they possibly can.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

With so many subscribers it is no surprise that the minds over at Blizzard Entertainment Inc. came up with an app like this. It keeps their fans in tune with their favorite game without making it to intrusive in their everyday lives. In short, if a World of Warcraft player is in search of a way to kill time on their phone in a way that is connected to their game of choice, then World of Warcraft Armory sounds like a pretty good choice.

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