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App Spotlight: Thrillist Rewards

People like being rewarded for the things they do, whether it’s something as small as a gold star or as big as a bonus at Christmas. If those things tickle your fancy, then it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume that being rewarded for simply opening an app on your phone would be even better. With that in mind, many app developers have hooked up with businesses and event planners to allow their users privileged rewards and savings. One of the newer apps to grace this list is named Thrillist Rewards.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

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Thrillist Rewards is an application that provides its users the opportunity of getting in on unique rewards tailor-made for this service. The catch though is that if they want the deal they need to act fast because the deal is time sensitive. The idea is that Thrillist is handing over not just any type of deal: each business and event is handpicked by Thrillist in the hopes that the offers available will be an example of the best the city has to offer. Get involved with sold-out events you may never even knew existed, or take part in dinners that are off menu and completely exclusive. Simply find something that is of interest and buy the voucher through the app. On the plus side if you have any friends that you know that might be into something like this, then have them join too–it will give you points toward your next reward purchase.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

On a side note, this app is exclusive to only three local venues: New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. There is also an area for deals across the web that they have dubbed the “Thrillest Nation.” All though this may upset some people, remember this is not an app for rewards at the local grocery, but rather exclusive events and businesses. Not to mention that this app is still rather new and other major cities will most likely appear on the list. So if you feel like going to an open-bar art event, or maybe experience a meal that is off the menu to everyone except you, then try out this app.

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