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App Spotlight: Sonalight

Every once in a while we all get texts that we shouldn’t reply to immediately because our hands are occupied. A prime example of this receiving a message on the road. However, many people decide to risk the hazard and text while driving. This puts themselves and others in danger. Thankfully there are many app developers out there dedicated to trying to reduce these risks. One of these apps is named Sonalight.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

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Sonalight is a service that attempts to help a driver answer incoming texts while driving. If the user wants the app will activate after you exceed ten mph, creating a hands free system to reply to the texts. The incoming texts will be read to you and will offer the user a chance to reply to them. They can also turn on the Auto-respond option in the settings area which will reply to the text with a prefabricated response of the users choosing. This way, if they know they will not even have time to respond verbally, they don’t have to worry about the sender being irritated with their lack of consideration.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

If the user wishes to send a message simply say the words “text by voice” and the app will start up. Provide the recipient’s name, the message, and a handful of confirmations to complete the process. The app will handle the rest allowing the driver to their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

There are many apps out now that provide this service and it is something that should be thought about. Parents who have children of driving age should especially look into this app. Texting while driving is dangerous and is a punishable offense in some states. Therefore, take that extra precaution and try out an app like Sonalight.

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