App Spotlight: Skitch

Ever wish there was the option to give some context to those “you had to be there” pictures. Moreover, how about those pictures that could use a little personal touch, like a quote bubble or something along those lines. There are apps out there that will help with problems such as these, and they have a multitude of uses, such as the ones listed above. This app is called Skitch, and it is one of the more popular apps available.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

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When using Skitch to edit and annotate a photo or image, the user has several options open to them. They can outline certain areas of importance with a box, allowing the user to easily recall what had happened. Along the same line, they can point out an interest in the picture with an arrow so that anyone looking at the edited image could see the real reason why the picture was taken. There is the option to cut out any guessing whatsoever and right a blurb in text about what is going or just to simply add some fun to the image. They can scribble on the image and add some flavor to it, a few birds here and there, a smiling sun, whatever suits their fancy. Once the image is finished, they can share it with their friends or save it to Evernote.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

The sky is the limit when it comes to the utility of this app. Add some irony to a picture, maybe a quote bubble of “I love rainbows” next to a picture of your scowling brother? Correct on otherwise great picture with some scribbling, maybe a well placed tree where your ex is standing? Have fun with it because that’s what the app is there for, to make your life a bit more enjoyable.

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