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App Spotlight: Sketchbook Mobile

Whether we like to admit it or not, art speaks to us. Stand before Starry Night by the great Vincent Van Gogh and dare to tell yourself you aren’t moved. Art is in our blood, it’s an expression of creativity that lives inside all of us. It is no surprise then that many developers have created different art apps, whether to create art or simply to appreciate it. One of the apps on the creation end of the spectrum is named Sketchbook Mobile.

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Screenshot by Josh Gough

With Sketchbook Mobile, it’s like having a canvas in your pocket for when you feel like indulging the artist in you. It has no demands either, if the user only has a few moments to play around and they just want to test a few color gradients and shades with the airbrush tool, then they can. If they have more time on their hands, and are adept with a stylus, they can patiently make some stunning works of art. It has all the options many art apps have, a range of tools from an airbrush to a fine point pencil, the thicknesses of which can be changed at any time by the user.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

With one touch, the user can split their brush in two, creating a mirror effect in whatever they are working on. There is the option of layering the art too, giving depth to whatever is being created. If they’re displeased with what they’re making, or it wasn’t what they envisioned to begin with, they can wipe the slate clean by hand or by hitting a button.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

In the end, with art apps like Sketchbook Mobile, it comes down to what people prefer. Would they rather carry a canvas and easel around with them wherever they go, or an art app on their hand-held device? It sounds like a pretty easy decision.

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