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App Spotlight: ShopAdvisor

With holiday shopping now in full swing, a prudent consumer will try to get as much help as they can. This includes such age-old customs as looking through sales flyers and catching a deal on TV. However, with technology ever-moving forward, a prospective holiday shopper can add using mobile apps on their hand-held to that list. Evoqu. Inc., the creator of the popular TripAdvisor, has come out with one of these apps named ShopAdvisor.

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What ShopAdvisor helps the user do is track items of interest. For example, if they have their eye on that big shiny LED TV, but can’t afford it quite yet, ShopAdvisor will track it for you. This way a user can keep an eye on it if at any point they can afford it. This potential purchase, along with any others that may interest the user, will be kept in a long list or “Watch List.” It can stay there for as long as the user wants.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

While searching for a product, people will discover that there are many results to be had. This may be a problem for other apps, but ShopAdvisor allows the user to refine the search. Using the previous example, the user enters into the search that they want an LED TV. Well that’s great, but it’s a bit too general and ends up yielding too many results. By using the refining option, they can specify how big they want the screen, if they want it 3D capable, among many other options.

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When looking into a product, users also have access to an “advise me” option. This feature will give a breakdown of important consumer information with regard to several key factors. It will attempt to educate the user on the product and the difficulties or setbacks the item may have. The option will illustrate in a graph the price fluctuations so they know when to buy. Finally, it will offer buying guides for products that some users may need help with.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Shopping for some could be considered a pastime, but this can quickly turn into a chore when you don’t know what you’re looking for. With so many options of where to buy and when, it pays to be educated–especially with the current economic climate. So this holiday season try planning ahead and use ShopAdvisor to make your life a bit easier.

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