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App Spotlight: Romplr: Remix

Ever listen to a track of music on the radio and think, “this sounds good, but I think I could do better.” That may be true, but how could you ever know? It’s not like you have a quick way to quickly remix music on hand. Well if you truly want to give it a shot there are apps out there that allow you to do such a thing. One of these apps is Rmoplr: Remix.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

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Romplr is an app that allows the user to remix a combination of different tracks. There are several different ways this can be accomplished. First, there is the game mode. It is a sort of challenge to see how many points the user can gain in a ninety-second time limit. People can load a song of their choosing from the songs available and use several different methods to add their spin to it. Judge when it is best to add vocals, when to drop a beat, or when to cut the loop. It is all up the user, and when the song is over, the user can see how they rank up against others who have used the same song.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

There is also a freestyle section that has an unlimited amount of time so the user can practice on the song for as long as they want, finding and inventing new ways to make the track their own. The user can record the track and share it with their friends, but there is no score for this area so if they want to be number one they need to use game mode.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

If none of the free tracks were of any interest, the user has the option of paying a fee to get new songs to remix. There are several well-known recording artists already available to download and Romplr assures their users that there will be many more to come.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

The DJing and remixing culture is really starting to take off so it is no surprise that apps like this are starting to surface. Something to note though, you should use wifi and a pair of headphones if you plan on using this app. The reason being is this app must download every track you use before remixing it, and there is always some sort of music playing so you don’t want to get in trouble for playing around on this app.

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