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App Spotlight: pMonitor


Many of us have loved ones that we worry about, and because of this, there are many services available that can track locations and trigger alerts whether it be homes, cars, or even a panic button. However, sometimes monitoring all of these things can just increase the amount of time it takes to react to a situation, and the cost can be out the roof for good, effective products. pMonitor is an application that can track all of these things, and for the price of $1.99, can really beat out a lot of the competition.

There are three main things pMonitor does: location tracking, panic alert, and fall detection. All of these things are wonderfully bundled into the package and easy to set up. Location tracking allows for individuals like parents or those taking care of elderly to receive notifications based on the whereabouts of their loved one. Parents can receive a notification when their child arrives home from school, when they go to a certain activity, and even when they’re driving too fast. The location can be set to trigger an instant notification whenever the user arrives at or leaves the area, effectively making sure they either stay where they are supposed to stay, or arrive where they are supposed to be. This can take the worry off of those with dependents who need communication to confirm safety, but don’t always get it. The location can be even set to send a text message with the information and location, making sure the people receiving get the message anytime they are within a cell tower. pMonitor can also send messages to multiple recipients, making sure everyone who is supposed to know is aware of the current situation.

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pMonitor also has a panic button and fall detection system built in, so if a victim of a fall is ever unable to call for help, their phone can send a message to pre-set recipients. The panic button is also effective for those looking to quickly alert others of their danger, with context sensitive help allowing users to send others a detailed message with all the necessary information and locations. While we’ve tested the fall detection and it does work well, there may be times when the phone is dropped and triggers the alert, or the user falls without their device. This may affect the way this feature upholds its promise, so being dependent on it may take a lot of faith. However, the rest of pMonitor’s features are top-notch, and this app is ideal for anyone looking to increase the safety of situations using their own, and others’ smartphones. pMonitor is available in the Android Market for $1.99 and is definitely worth checking out.

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