App Spotlight: Pageonce – Money & Bills

Stress is a huge factor when it comes to someone’s overall health. There are ways to remedy this problem like taking walks at night or taking up a hobby. Knitting is supposedly wonderful for the nerves. However, if that’s not really your speed maybe you should look into managing things better so you have more time to stop and smell the roses. There are many task managers available for your mobile phone, but there are a certain type of them that deal with the one thing everyone hates the most, the monthly bills. Amongst them, there are only a few that stand out, one of them is Pageonce – Money & Bills.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

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What it does is track the money in the users personal bank account, credit cards, investment portfolio, and all the bills the user collects (month-to-month, day-to-day, etc.) It will attempt to keep the user in the know about when the bill is due, removing the need to keep those pesky paper bills that seem to disappear into thin air once opened. They can add context to the bill, like due date, whether it is monthly or yearly, amount due, etc. Alongside this, the app also allows for the user  to pay for their bills through the app. Once the bill is paid, they can mark it as paid, and wait for the next pay period. The app has other uses as well. It breaks down spending in a pie chart, explaining where they’ve spent the most so they know when and where to cut back. It can also track secondary info such as mobile minutes, data/text usage, and for those flyers out there, it can track your miles too.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Peace of mind is something more precious than money many would say. However, getting some R&R these days is becoming more and more difficult. Weekends are just turning into more workdays and a vacation starts the day you retire. But cheer up, there are people out there working hard to make your life a bit more manageable, like the people over at Pageonce who developed this app.