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App Spotlight: Nosh

Many services out there rate restaurants for people. While useful, the main issue that can arise is that after picking a suitable restaurant the diner finds out they have no idea what is on the menu. They didn’t ask for a lesson in French, they just want to eat. With that in mind, some app developers have come out with ways to not just rate eateries, but rather to rate the dishes being presented. One of these apps that is receiving some well deserved notice is Nosh.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

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The advantage of nosh is the scope it gives to food. The app doesn’t just rate the restaurants where food is prepared. The focus is the food itself, how it is prepared, what it tastes like, etc. all from the point of view of the diner. It allows people to know ahead of time what they may want to order even before they sit down at a table.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Nosh does this in a few ways. The user can access the “feed” area and view delectable dishes from all over. It could lend some inspiration for something the user may wish to prepare that very night. People can sample through places that are located around their GPS location and check out what dishes they have to offer. Users can search for food in distant restaurants if they by chance are planning a business trip and vacation. Finally, people can follow other “Noshers” to see what they are eating and whether it would be worth the bother of trying the same food.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

It is an interesting idea rating the food and not the restaurant. It seems like a fine line, but if the atmosphere is great, the service is charming, and the food is terrible it is doubtful that you will want to return to that location. After all, you went there to have something to eat right?

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