App Spotlight: Hooked, Android Game Discovery App

Mobile phone games are great for killing time. They can make that tedious wait for someone more bearable, or that lecture in business ethics interesting if that’s even possible. However, sometimes finding that right game to play can be difficult, especially if the games you already have downloaded are old and played out. That is where a service like Hooked comes in, it helps make the decisions for you.

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Hooked is an app that helps the user find the games that they have missed out on. It does this in a few different ways. First, the user can do it on their own, looking through a long list of games or searching for them through a filter. If that isn’t to their liking, the app itself will step in and attempt to do the heavy lifting. It will skim through the games that have already been loaded on to the phone, and will ask the user to rate them. Using this information, the app will attempt to suggest a game that it thinks they will like. However, as every other service like this, the more data given to the app, the better the suggestions will be. In that sense, it is in the users best interest to continue to rate games even if they have no interest in them so the app can narrow its search. Eventually, it may find a game that they have never heard before, but that interests them.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

A helping hand is not something to be taken for granted. When it comes to games for your mobile phone, it seems that Hooked is more than willing to offer that service. May help you find a game you never heard of, something that you have looked for all this time, but never knew where to start. After all, there are many games available, yet not many can claim to be worth your time. Therefore, be selective and let Hooked guide your hand.

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