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App Spotlight: Hide It Pro

Personal privacy is important to everyone made through our creation of things like blinds for our windows, etc. While we enjoy expressing our own opinions, it doesn’t mean we want people being able to see every aspect of our lives. This is especially true when it comes to our phones. For many people these devices are extensions of their own body, causing grief and anguish when anything happens to them. They are our connection to the outside world, a depository of all things we want to have with us and because of this we want to protect them. Many app developers couldn’t agree more, so they have developed ways of keeping your private items private. One of these apps is called Hide It Pro.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

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Hide It Pro right gets right to the point when it comes to privacy. First, the app is displayed as “Audio Manager” in the app drawer. Only after entering Audio Manager and completing a long press on the glowing title does the user launch the actual app. This is an option that can be disabled, but nonetheless it proves that the app is dedicated to the users privacy.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Once inside the actual app there are many options open. The user can hide pictures from a nosy friend, maybe an image of them that night they fell asleep to early at the party. Moreover, it could be a video of them that time they got drunk at the bar and didn’t realize someone was recording them singing show tunes in their underwear. Users have the option of hiding entire apps as well. It keeps a guy from having to awkwardly explain to his friends why there is a cuddly kitten app on his phone. The other option is locking the app, making it look like it is just crashing repeatedly every time someone other than them tries to open it. For the finale, users can go so far as to use a military encryption on their files just in case someone figures out what is going on and gets a peek at the files.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Apps like these are not an indication that you can’t trust people. They just provide some peace of mind if someone gets a hold of your phone. That way if you lose your phone the first thing that comes to mind doesn’t have to be “I need to find it before someone sees those pictures of me at my cousin’s wedding.”

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