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App Spotlight: Gigbeat

Listening to our favorite artists from a recording is great, whether it’s through mp3 or CD. However, there is nothing quite like seeing them live, feeling the excitement ripple through the crowd roars its approval after every song and chorus. Then of course, there is the bragging rights to be had for actually getting in and seeing them while your friends had to stay home or go to work. The problem is that it’s hard to keep track of all these events while on-the-go, many services offering poor quality information on the topic. However, there are some out there that do their best to keep the concertgoer informed, and one of these apps is named Gigbeat.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Gigbeat is an app that helps the user track their favorite artist’s concerts and events. It does this through a handful of ways. First, it will scan the music that is already present on their phone. Once located, it will take these artists and construct a list of upcoming events and concerts that they will be taking part. If there is no music on the phone that is not an issue either. The service allows the users to link and accounts to the app so it can sync the artists there with Gigbeat. However, if that doesn’t suit, the user can simply search artists and add them to the apps list manually. This way if a mood strikes you to see a different type of music live or you want to add an artist you just heard of to the list, those options are open.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

The service will keep the user abreast of upcoming events that they have taken interest in and any changes in tour dates. It allows someone to look forward to the upcoming event without having to worry about changing venues and so on. The app also allows the user to purchase tickets for the event through it, using to complete the transaction.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Live events like concerts are a great way to see some of the most talented people in the world perform. It adds a raw factor to the music, removing the polished veneer that many recorded songs have. So make sure you never miss another event and download Gigbeat.


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