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App Spotlight: Fuugo Video

There are many ways to make the time on the clock go by just a bit faster. One of the more popular ways to do this is to watch video clips and movies on your phone. However, there are many services out there attempting to do this separately, offering you some but, not necessarily all of that which is available to be viewed. That’s where video client apps come in, services that pool all of your favorite videos from across different sources into one place. This way, instead of spending time looking up videos, you can spend it watching them. There are several apps boasting this service, and one of the newer ones is named Fuugo Video.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

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What Fuugo is a side-scrolling aggregation of as many videos on as many topics as Fuugo could get their hands on. The user can manipulate several headings. There are the obvious inclusions of search functions, favorite playlists, and recent searches. There is a “My Fuugo” area where all the video clips the user has downloaded, recommended, and so on can be viewed and used. Finally, there is a “Services” area where Fuugo claims to come into its own. There are several headings inside this area spanning across several areas of interest like Science & Nature and Sports. Within this area there is the inclusion of pre-existing services like Youtube that have already earned the right to be considered their own heading.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Within these headings, there is an assortment of streaming videos and clips with some downloads included as well. While some of these videos come with the option to be viewed full screen, some of them do not and have been limited to a smaller variation. The only way to view this app is in landscape. While this is the way many people watch these videos, some people may prefer having the option of not holding their phone sideways. All in all though Fuugo does what it claims, and brings the videos that interest us into one single place so if you’re tired of looking all over the place for that one particular video give Fuugo a shot.

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