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App Spotlight: Conqu

Task management is a part of everyone’s life, and it never is something we look forward to. Tasks mean less free time to spend doing what we love to do. Sadly this a part of life, and it is just something that we all have to deal with. A good way to deal with this problem is downloading a task manager from the marketplace to help bear some of the weight. One of those apps is Conqu, and it is one to consider.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

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Conqu is a task manager that doesn’t mess around. It has multiple filters allowing the user to add context to the project. For example, say the user needs to go get groceries, in fact it is only some milk and eggs. Instead of just putting milk and eggs and leaving it at that Conqu allows the user to state how much time and energy it will take. In this case since it’s such a light task, the user would put “quick” for time  and “low” for energy. Since that they need to be out of the house to do it they can add a context to the task to clarify such as “@out.” They can color code their tasks as well so they know that, such as “green” for home, they need to do this for their home.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Through Conqu’s calendar, the user can see what will be on his plate in the future and what he should do to prepare for the future task. That way if there is a big party to coming, they know that the grocery list maybe should be amended to include the necessary supplies. After all, no one likes making a mid party grocery run because “someone” forgot to get the dip.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Life is  hectic, the important thing is to be calm and collected about it. Any obstacle is surmountable, all it takes is a little preparation. So take a deep breath, collect all that which needs to be done and open Conqu. It’ surprising how quickly a mountain of tasks can be conquered with a little fore thought.

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