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App Spotlight: ChannelCaster: Social News

Sometimes it’s hard to sift through all the boring news to finally get to the topics you care about. Even if you specify what it is you’re looking for, the likelihood of not getting additional useless topics added to the few you actually wanted to read is low. That is why many app developers have been attempting to create services that help users streamline the way they get their info. An app that is helping them do just that, and in the process giving them the option of helping others, is ChannelCaster: Social News.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

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ChannelCaster: Social News is an app that helps the user change the way they get their news. They can do this through looking through the favorites section, an area for all the stories that matter the most to the majority of the users. They can use the browsing section, a place that is filled with the top stories under each heading (entertainment, sports, Local, etc.)

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Finally, the user can do a mash up of all the things they consider important and create their own channel in the build section. They can include twitter feeds, videos, images, Google Reader, and an all inclusive “everything” option to help construct it. Once that is complete, the author of the channel has the option of making it public or private.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

It’s a smart way to do news, allowing the user to essentially create their own news channel. This way only what you want is included, and not all the unnecessary fluff that often gets added. Upon previewing some of the other channels, it gives the user some insight as to what is important to other people as well.

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