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App Spotlight: Walkie-Talkie

Speed is an all-important part of communication these days. It is not necessarily, how well one can articulate what needs to be said it’s how fast one can convey it. With that in mind, many app developers have come out with new ways to communicate such as voice responses to texts and the like. However, there are now apps that don’t even bother with the text and instead just use voice to communicate. An example of these apps is Walkie-Talkie.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

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This service is like many other SMS-alternative services such as Kik Messenger, Kakao Messenger, LiveProfile, etc. The main difference is that instead of text it registers the user’s voice instead of their key strokes. Simply pick a person that you wish to speak to and send them a voice message. As the name suggests, the idea is based on a walkie-talkie like conversation as both parties send short voice messages back and forth.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

The app seems to be pretty quick when it’s between two people on the same app. The idea is based on fluid communication, so being speedy is necessary. The service does work if the recipient doesn’t have the app. However, the message will show up in the phones normal SMS area, sending somewhat of a strange message with a link to what was sent from

Screenshot by Josh Gough seems to accomplish what it set out to do; creating a service that is based on walkie-talkies. Something worth noting is that the user will have no idea if the message is received. This may seem like a small inconvenience, but many apps in the same category offer this utility and it helps to know whether or not the message was received, being ignored, etc.

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