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App Spotlight: 8tracks

In decades past, when ipods were yet to be created and the mp3 was yet to be dreamed up, there existed the mix tape. It was a way to listen to the music people wanted to hear in a way that was completely in their control. In other words it was musical freedom, a way to express yourself. Now with the age of technology firmly upon us we have moved on from the 8-track and cassette tape to something more. However, even though that is the case we all still hold on to the idea of musical freedom and expression. With that in mind, many app developers have come out with apps to allow us to share the music we love in many ways, and one of these apps is named 8tracks.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

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The idea behind 8tracks is in essence creating your own personal internet radio just as you once would have created your own mix-tape. They want people to be involved in the music and the choices people make when listening to it. The app opens up too many mixes that are available to be listened to. Each one offers cover art, a title, and some sort of explanation about what a listener should expect to hear if they decide to pick this mix.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

When the user finally picks a mix to listen to, they will notice several things. There are several tags attached to the song. These tags are there to help someone searching for a certain genre of song. They will notice the mix’s DJ. If they click on that name, it will take them to the DJ’s page which lists all the mixes they’ve created, the number of people following them, and the other DJs this person is following. Once the mix is over or the user is tired of what they are listening to, they can hit “next mix.” However, the thing to remember is that you will be listening to the next mix by the same DJ. If they want to change that up they need to hit the back button until they get back to the main page.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

The only downside with this app is that if you’re listening to a mix and you can’t seem to find a song that you truly enjoy, you are limited in the amount of skips allowed per hour. However, freedom is still the undertone for apps like 8tracks and in this case, it has to do with musical freedom. Therefore, stop listening to things you don’t care about and start listening to the music that matters to you.

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