Android And iOS Destroying Sony and Nintendo In Portable Gaming

Forget about traditional OS wars and patent wars for a moment, there’s a new war in town and it’s coming from Nintendo.

9to5Mac and 9to5Google are reporting today that Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata has told his executives that the war with Sony has been won but there is a new threat and that threat is iOS and Android. Iwata went as far as to call Android and Apple as the “enemy of the future”.

New research from NDP and Flurry analytics is showing that in 2011 Android and iOS have taken a 58% market share in revenue whereas Sony has just 6% and Nintendo has fallen to 36% in revenue share. Nintendo has taken a 21& dive from 2010 and even greater from 2009.

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When you put the data for Sony and Nintendo together and start talking about numbers, iOS and Android took $1.9 billion in gaming revenue whereas Nintendo and Sony combined took $1.4billion accounting for a $200 million dollar drop in Sony and Nintendo revenue and a $1.1 billion dollar increase in revenue for Android and Apple.

In Flurry’s research they predict that the days of paying $25 for a cartridge for a mobile gaming system are numbered. Major gaming studios, like Activision and Electronic Arts have already gone head first into the mobile gaming arena. Being able to turn a game around in 90 days and then pushing it to an audience of millions for under $5.00, thus making it an impulse buy, is one of the main reasons why Ninentdo and Sony are struggling.

Users of smart devices, including smartphones and tablets, are becoming younger and younger. Parents of kids even as low as age 4 or 5 are resorting to handing their children their phone or tablet to play a game in a long car ride, or at a restaurant and quickly realizing that their smart device with 10 games on it that can be changed with a swipe of a finger is much easier than packing up and bringing the Nintendo 3D and 10 cartridges.

Sony is hoping that their tablet and smartphone strategy will help put them with a better hold on the mobile gaming space. In fact some of their Xperia line Android phones are eating away at their portable gaming console market.

Sony has a PlayStation certified phone, the Xperia Play and a PlayStation certified tablet, the Tablet S, that can play certain PSOne games. They’re planning on expanding that content at a rapid pace.

source: 9to5Google