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Amazon’s Popular “Price Check” App Now Available For Android

Amazon’s popular Price Check app for iOS is now available for Android users.

Price Check offers a host of great features that allow looking up a product to be fast, and easy.  First off Price Check works like other barcode scanning shopping apps, simply scan a products barcode and find out information about the product including current pricing on Amazon.

Next, like Google Goggles, if you can’t find a barcode on the product, take a picture of it and the app will match the product to a database of millions of books, dvds, cds and video games. This comes in handy in stores where the barcode may be obstructed by a pricing sticker, or perhaps the product was a short run that didn’t get a full barcode or ISBN number.

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You can also say the product name and using voice recognition technology the app will again search the database for your product. This is great when you’re in a huge hurry and can’t scan a barcode or snap a picture.

Finally, of course you can type the name of the product the traditional way.

 “Consumers want a fast and convenient way to determine the best possible price available for a product,” said Sam Hall, director of Amazon Mobile. “Since Amazon is widely known for its vast selection and low prices, Price Check for iPhone quickly became one of our most popular apps following its release last November, which is why we’re excited to expand the app to the growing number of Amazon customers using Android phones.”

In addition to product information and Amazon pricing, the “Price Check” app features Amazon’s user reviews and ratings to make shopping decisions easier. If the Amazon price is better than the in-store price you can quickly initiate the purchase of the product using your Amazon account. From there you can get free saver shipping or free two day shipping if you’re an Amazon prime account holder.

Go download Price Check by Amazon from the Android Market here

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