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Amazon Kindle: The Best eReader On Android, And Here’s Why


Now I know that almost everyone reading this article has heard of Amazon Kindle. Amazon is a web giant, and has continued to grow since their launch of the Amazon App Store, the Amazon Cloud player, and most recently, their first Android tablet the Kindle Fire. However, while Amazon is moving towards other types of media, we must remember one of the founding services that made them so strong in the first place: Kindle.

As I’ve said earlier, most people have heard of Kindle, so the point of this article is not to help you guys discover a new app. It is, however, designed to help you guys see what, in my opinion, is the best book and magazine reader available on Android. Kindle has a lot of similar features with its main two competitors: Nook and Google Books. Google Books is a pretty good service and comes pre-installed on Android devices, so a lot of users who don’t care to use it give negative ratings on the Market making the app look worse than it is. The service isn’t bad though, it’s good, and it gets the job done, but there are some complaints I have with Google Books. Firstly, Google Books is growing every day, and isn’t quite the reading giant that Kindle is, which is the reason why the reading selection is slightly more linear when it comes to Google Books. The service has most of the books one would want to read, but not everything. Kindle has close to everything. Another problem with Google Books is the reading sync from device to device. At one point there was only one way sync, if you read on your phone and went to read on your tablet it would sync the farthest read position, but not vice versa. This has been fixed–sort of. The syncing isn’t as snappy as it should be, and while it is there, sometimes Google Books can’t recognize that you’ve read further on another device until you’ve totally backed out of the book on both devices. Overall, Google Books is good, but Amazon has a little more to offer.

Nook is also a competitor with both Amazon Kindle and Google Books, and while it is a popular service, there are also a few reasons I would choose Amazon over Nook. Nook has, with recent updates, experienced a ton of issues with being able to access and archive bought books and magazines. This causes a lot of frustration when users are just trying to read a book, and really takes out a lot of the convenience of having an eReader. Nook is  a good service, but like Google Books, Amazon has it 1-up’d in a few areas.

Amazon Kindle is by far the best eReader on Android, in my opinion. From the fantastic syncing from device to device, right down to the simplified options it offeres right from the start. For example, one thing Kindle has that other readers don’t is a built-in dictionary that, once downloaded, will define any word chosen out of a book. This makes reading so much more intuitive, with a native dictionary clearing up any context or understanding issues. Another thing Amazon got right was their notes and bookmarks. Kindle allows users to highlight any sentences or phrases or even words in a book, and write a note about them and even bookmark the page. As a high school student, this is a huge help when it comes to book reports and projects, and even saving memorable portions of books to come back to later. Amazon also has a huge library of different books and magazines to choose from, making it one of the best eReading experiences around. Kindle isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty close, and definitely closer than most of its competitors. If you’re a reader and are still looking for the best option to reading on Android, be sure to check out Kindle in the Android Market.

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