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50 Cent Joins The Hip Hop Head Phone Community

First it was Dr. Dre and Beats by Dre. Then Ludacris came on the scene with Soul and now 50 cent joins the Hip Hop Head Phone Community with his own line of upscale and “professional” headphones by SMS Audio.

I’ve personally tested Beats and Luda’s headphones as well and neither come close to the $120 pair of Sony MDR 7506’s that I’ve been using since the day I started my radio career in the late 80’s (they were MDR V6’s then). Go into most actual recording studios and you’ll see the same model it’s MDR 7506.. Ok now that we have that out of the way… has now announced the availability of 50 Cent Headphones by SMS Audio. Now don’t get the name wrong we’re talking 50 Cent of “In Da Club” and “P-I-M-P” fame not that the headphones are by any stretch cheap or “50 cents”.

The 50 Cent Headphones are available in three varieties, wired, wireless and in ear and they’ll set you back around $300.

These professionally tuned headphones feature an ergonomic design for an optimal fit. The wired version of 50 Cent Headphones is called “The Street”. The wireless version, which allows up to 4 pairs to connect to the same source, is called “Sync”.

And for the record, while I’m no “audiophile” I’ve done professional commercial broadcast radio for 20 years, recorded over 30 acts, remixed, djd and more with the same quality pair of headphones I described above. In my professional opinion the Ludacris headpones by Soul BLOW Beats by Dre away and an Android phone with SRS and the Ludacris headphones is almost as crisp as the Sony headphones. If you want to save some bucks, go to Guitar Center, ask for MDR 7506’s you’ll be amazed at the quality and won’t pay more than $150

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