360 Panorama App Gets Portrait Panoramas And Other Improvements With Latest Update


We’ve been fans of 360 for quite a while now, and the panorama photo taking/sharing app has received another update that make it a must have for panorama photo-takers. 360 allows users to take high quality photos, and upload them to be shared with friends or viewed locally on the device. 360 has been stitching beautiful landscape panorama’s since the beginning, but with a recent update portrait panorama photos have been added to the mix as well. They have also added a brand new screen for capturing pictures, which is much easier to use making the experience much smoother. 360 also has different options for capturing pictures as well, now with high quality and normal modes so users can always choose. 360 has been improving since day one, and should be downloaded by anyone who enjoys photography. 360 is available in the Android Market for free and can be found here.  The full list of updates for 360 include:

What’s in this version:

  1. Portrait mode and higher resolution panoramas.
  2. High quality and normal quality modes.
  3. Re-designed capture screen for easier use.
  4. Fresher popular panoramas.
  5. Fix memory leaks and force closes.
  6. Faster uploading of panoramas.
  7. Force close fixes.

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