32GB Samsung Galaxy Nexus For Verizon Wireless Does Exist

After we ran the story earlier in the day that Google had pulled down the 32gb version of the Galaxy Nexus for the U.S. Nexus site, we got a tip from one of our Verizon Wireless ninjas.

We can confirm that there is a 32gb version of the 4GLTE/CDMA version of the Galaxy Nexus in existence as you can see by all the pics here.  The pics were taken in a non LTE area so there is no 4G/LTE icon at the top but as you can see from the sim card pic it’s definitely the Verizon 4GLTE/CDMA version.

We’re not sure why Google took the 32gb version off their website. Perhaps there was some kind of issue in field testing. We do know that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus had passed quality control through Verizon just moments before the press release went out announcing that the Galaxy Nexus would be coming “later this year”

At this point in time you can also bank on the fact that the Galaxy Nexus will come out closer to that December 8th leaked date, and NOT on Black Friday.

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  1. I wonder if software updates will be as ‘delayed’ as the CDMA/LTE version initially was.  Kinda pisses me off.

  2. Exactly.  We already knew there would be a 32GB version made, but the question is whether it will be *sold*.

  3. So it exists, but will they sell it? Or will they release only the 16GB version at full pop ($299) & hold back the 32 to be released later? That way they can still push the Razr/Rezound, make extra cash off early adopters & sell the 32GB model 3 months later for full price as an “upgraded model.” I want this (32gb) phone. And I want it with VZW’s 4G. But they are certainly not nurturing any goodwill in their customers. I would jump ship in a heartbeat if they even had a close competitor.

  4. Another website posted a discussion with one of the Android devs about the SD card issue.  I saw a reference to it on G+.  Basically, it has to do with how the OS, applications, and the end user accesses on device memory vs the SD card (via micro usb port).  The details are a little complicated to go into detail here.  But, they have their reasons and they are valid.  They are working on some solutions to make both options viable that address the issue in a better manner.  I wish I had the link as it explained things very well.   Suffice to say that there most likely will be devices that will offer both and the issues will be worked out.   In the meantime if you want an SD card you have to pick another device.

  5. I don’t think it has anything to do with Samsung.  I think it’s pretty clear that Google would prefer to move away from removable storage. I honestly don’t think they ever intended for Honeycomb to have official microSD support, but Motorola assumed they were supposed to put it in the XOOM. What other explanation could there possibly be for how long it took Honeycomb to officially support removable storage?

  6. Just curious and a little off topic: did your Nexus come pre-loaded with Verizon’s 2 apps (Backup Assistant and Account Manager)? If so, are they user-removable?  

    There has been a lot of belly-aching over this and while it does not personally bother me much I just want to know how “pure” of a Google experience Verizon is allowing users to have.  Thanks!

  7. Google should have asked HTC for a decent Nexus experience..Samsung is too stingy for my taste.I still own a HTC Nexus One with a 32Gb SD card, I didn’t upgrade to the Samsung Nexus S because of its SD absence. With Galaxy Nexus I was thinking to have a 32Gb phone plus 32Gb SD…now we have only 16Gb no-choice while iPhone has 16Gb/64Gb choice….wasn’t Google Android OS the “freedom” OS against the dictatorship of Apple? If this photo is true you US citizenship are lucky but us Europeans will be lost in the hand of Apple supremacy…sigh!

  8. hmmm now i wonder, is there gna be a 32 gb unlocked HSPA+?

    And if hspa+ has nothing to do with verizon, why isn’t it being released!!?

  9. Dude, that second photo is extremely poorly photoshopped. And Verizon officially removed the Google logo and replaced it with their own logo, as can be seen in the official videos on Google’s nexus website.

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