Yoogarola In The Works?

The big rumor on the internet this weekend was that Google is in talks with private equity firms and exploring the possibility of buying yahoo. These un-accredited reports came out of the Wall Street Journal this morning.  The journal didn’t say which private equity firms that Google was in talks with or what a dollar amount would be.

Microsoft is also reportedly considering both Yahoo and AOL to get more into the content business. These rumors cropped up in September after Carol Bartz was forced out of Yahoo’s top spot.

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Google had worked with Yahoo in the past. About 10 years ago Google provided all the back-end search for internet searches on Yahoo’s portal. Currently Bing handles that back end search business for Yahoo.

Many are suggesting that a Yahoo/Google merger would be a monopoly for search but that’s not the case, Yahoo is a portal about content.  Yes Yahoo would then move to Google’s search (as it did in the past) but Google would have in roads to put their ads on Yahoo’s pages and a way to integrate the community of yahoo mail and yahoo messenger users into Google+

source: Nibletz

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