World’s Thinnest Tablet Surfaces From Toshiba Called Regza AT700

Toshiba kicked off the CEATEC 2011 show in Japan Monday by showing off yet another tablet.  Toshiba had a really bad attempt at Android tablets last year in the Toshiba Folio. It was so bad that the tablet got the name “Failio” by many an Android and tech blogger.

Fast forward to 2011 and Toshiba has done a complete 180. They first released the Toshiba Thrive 10″ tablet which to date is the tablet we use the most and my daily driver. Why? Because it is meant for productivity with a full sized USB, full sized HDMI and full sized SD card ports.

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Next, at IFA they introduced the Toshiba Excite.  The Excite is more like the rest of the Honeycomb tablets, especially ones by Acer and Asus.  The thinner lighter tablet does have microUSB, microHDMI and microSD ports all in a thinner frame.

Then 2 weeks ago Toshiba announced a 7″ version of our favorite Thrive, which has the same ports as the Excite.

Finally, at CEATEC they’ve announced the Toshiba Regza AT700 tablet.  This tablet is currently the world’s thinnest table. How thin? try 7.7mm thin, we’re talking THIN. It weighs in at 558 grams. It also has the same microUSB port, microSD slot and microHDMI port that the Excite and Thrive 7″ have.

Toshiba wants to become your totally connected household experience.  If you are a Toshiba household with the latest Toshiba television, computer and tablet you could enjoy some amazing benefits.  Toshiba introduced Regza link which will allow users to stream BluRay content from Toshiba enabled Blu Ray players to the Regza tablet.  They also say they are going to offer some kind of device that allows you to record television programs and content and download it to the tablet.

The Regza will come to Japan first in December however you should see this one in the United States as well.  Toshiba took a conservative approach announcing today that they expect to sell one million tablet units across all of their models.

source and photo: Techradar

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