We Take A Look At The Nascar Sprint ID Pack

True die hard Nascar fans who love Android are probably already on Sprint. If you’re not, the Nascar Sprint ID pack may be something worthy of switching (besides unlimited data on smartphones).

Sprint introduced the ID Pack concept last year at CTIA in San Francisco. Sprint ID Packs combine wallpapers, widgets and apps in easy to find, themed “packs”.  Sprint ID packs are downloaded 500,000 times a month and have seen over 6 million downloads to date.

The Nascar Sprint ID Pack is great, especially because Sprint is the main sponsor for Nascar’s championship, the Sprint Cup.

If you have a Sprint ID equipped phone than you already know the power of the Sprint ID.  The Nascar Sprint ID Pack is no different.  With the Nascar pack you get some great widgets, wall papers and apps.

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On the app side in addition to the Sprint Nascar app you also get Telenav GPS, Nascar wallpapers, Nascar ringers and more. The widgets take the cake though. On race days your phone becomes the ultimate race fans machine.

The homescreen widget on race day comes alive with your driver stats front and center. It will tell you your drivers rank, have access to your drivers in car audio and if you want, show you where your driver is on the race track.  The main widget also tells you what lap your driver is on out of how many laps are in the race. There is also a leader board in the bottom right hand corner of the widget.

Touching the widget takes you directly to the Sprint Nascar app or gives you the opportunity to refresh the widget.

On every home screen page is the Nascar Sprint Cup Series wallpaper. This particular widget is showing Nascar’s Sprint Cup’s twitter feed.

The Nascar News widget scrolls the latest up to the minute Nascar headlines, which of course during race day can be alot. You can scroll through the headlines or dive into the story by clicking on it.

The Speed widget in the Nascar Sprint ID Pack gives you on demand access to all of Speeds race day videos and interviews, right on your Sprint ID equipped Android device. The bottom portion of the widget has access to race day videos while the top widget shows complete Speed shows live from the track, like the Speed Victory Lane show.

This widget has a bunch of other non Speed video with highlights from the last race and the entire season. Just like the speed widget it gives you the videos on demand.

If you’re getting ready to go to the next race, this weather widget is pretty cool. It gives you a countdown timer to the next Sprint Cup race, the location of the next Sprint Cup race and the weather conditions at that track.

Did we mention that all of this is free in the Nascar Sprint ID Pack? Our demo video was on the most recent Sprint ID Pack phone the LG Marquee.

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  1. Would love to see a provider with a decent signal get Nascar. Had Sprint in a few states I lived in. Dropped calls and horrible customer service. Plus they I believe are ranked at the very bottom of major providers in E911. Sprint sucks. I have everything else I need with Verizon and my Bionic. Plus NFL Mobile.

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