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Verizon Wireless Teams With The Philadelphia Eagles Again For Domestic Violence

Verizon Wireless is teaming with the Philadelphia Eagles for the 8th year in a row for a bring your old phone to the game day this Sunday as the Eagles take on the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday in Philadelphia.

Verizon is encouraging fans to bring their old phones (regardless of carrier) to refurbished and given to victims of domestic violence. In the turmoil surrounding the victims of domestic violence getting out of their situations, the cell phone is often times a lifeline to family members and friends. Those victims of domestic violence are sometimes in need of “clean” untraceable phones for their protection and this program, and hundreds of programs like it that Verizon Wireless puts on, are the key to that technology.

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“Verizon Wireless is a corporate leader in the fight to end domestic violence in our region,” said Ari Roitman, Eagles Senior Vice President of Business. “Through our eight-year partnership, we hope to make a difference in the lives of domestic violence victims and encourage our fans to bring their no-longer-used phones to the stadium and help support this worthwhile cause.”

The program called Hopeline, either refurbishes the collected phones to give to victims of domestic violence or they refurbish the phones, sell them and use those proceeds to purchase new phones for victims of domestic violence.  The Hopeline program has also been great for the environment.  The Hopeline program has helped keep 210 tons of electronic and battery waste out of landfills.  This fits well with the Eagle’s Go Green Sustainability Initiative.

“We are proud to partner again with the Philadelphia Eagles, as we continue to work together to put phones into the hands of domestic violence victims while at the same time protecting the environment,” said Mario Turco, President of Verizon Wireless’ Philadelphia Tri-State Region. “These phones serve as a lifeline for victims in need and we ask all Eagles fans to clean out their junk drawers and donate their no-longer-used phones to help support abuse survivors across our region.”

Source: Verizon Wireless

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