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Verizon Wireless Ahead Of 4G/LTE Rollout Schedule

While all four tier 1 carriers in the United States seem to be at each others throats and competition is one of the biggest concerns with the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger, the 4G landscape seems to have a clear leader. That leader is Verizon Wireless.

Sprint’s 4G rollout ran out of gas last year when Clearwire announced it had completed it’s 2010 road map for new 4G/WiMax cities. Sprint hasn’t added a new “4G” market in all of 2011 although earlier this month they rolled out a 4G/LTE plan which is expected to begin to rollout in 2012.  The network that was first in the US with something called “4G” quickly lost their footing. Hopefully with their LTE plans we will see more competition out of the countries third largest carrier.

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AT&T flipped on the HSPA+ switch in almost all of their markets but it seems to be slower than that of rival HSPA+ provider T-Mobile. AT&T lit up 5 4G/LTE markets and we’re hearing that mid November is the target for another batch of 4G/LTE markets.  They are definitely way behind the curve when it comes to the industry standard 4G/LTE.

T-Mobile, which bills themselves as the America’s largest 4G network offers 4G in two flavors of HSPA+.  They seem to have great speeds coming out of some of their markets and they actually announce 20 or so markets every month. Despite being the nation’s 4th largest carrier they seem to come in a solid second place when it comes to rolling out 4G.

Verizon on the other hand is ahead of schedule according to this report from the Boy Genius Report. At CES back in January Verizon was optimistic that they would cover 185 million pops by the end of 2011. They are currently covering 186 million pops and as far as we can tell have at least two more “super” turn on days lined up this year.

It seems that every month since they turned on the 4G/LTE switch Verizon Wireless has had one or two days each month that they’ve lit up or “enhanced” 20 markets. According to Verizon Wireless their next big 4G/LTE day is November 13th and they promise a big day in December too.  They are currently covering 178 markets for 186 million pops.

Verizon Wireless has also said that they will have 15 4G/LTE devices on their network very soon including the Droid Razr and the Samsung Stratosphere.  They’ve also confirmed the 4G Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Although they haven’t confirmed the HTC Rezound we know that it’s coming, and bringing the 4G/LTE’s with it.  None of their 4G/LTE devices are made by Apple and there are no plans for any 4G/LTE Apple devices this year, or for the first half of next.  The current connected iPad and iPhone 4S are both 3G devices.

source: Verizon Wirelss via BGR


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