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Verizon & T-Mobile Letters Allowed In Apple vs Samsung Patent Case

Lasst week we heard that both Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile had written letters in support of Samsung for the Apple vs Samsung patent case in the United States.  Now we’ve heard that Judge Lucy Koh will allow those letters in the court case in the US District court of Northern California.

Although Koh is not required to act on the letters or take any action regarding the letters, it is good for Samsung that Koh will at least consider Verizon and T-Mobile’s position in the case.  Both carriers are concerned that a possible injunction against Samsung Android devices would hurt holiday sales and stifle innovation.

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So far Apple has been successful in getting injunctions against Samsung in courts in Germany and the Netherlands.  In the German case Samsung is already seeking an appeal. It was that German case that caused Samsung to remove the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 from their exhibit at the 2011 IFA convention in Berlin last month.

Macobserver points out that Samsung has been willing to negotiate with Apple in some countries like Australia. In Australia Samsung has said they would go as far as to replace or remove some of the things that are concerns of Apple’s regarding patents.

Samsung took a lighthearted approach in this case earlier this summer when they cited 1968’s 1001 A Space Odyssey as a reference point for tablet computers.

source: Macboserver

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