Verizon Has Locked The Motorola Razr, Not Motorola

Motorola announced earlier this year that they would start shipping phones with unlocked bootloaders.  According to phonearena and Motorola has said that the Motorola Razr’s bootloader is unlocked. However it’s the decision of the carrier, not Motorola to lock the bootloader, and of course Verizon has decided to lock it up tight.

Although the Motorola Razr was branded “Droid Razr” and announced at a Motorola and Verizon co-branded event, it is being sold worldwide under the name “Motorola Razr”, Droid is a designation by Verizon.  Motorola has assured folks that in other parts of the world you will be able to unlock the bootloader, just not with Verizon.

Once Google has their paws on Motorola it could actually prove to be beneficial to people wanting unlocked bootloaders, especially with Android being open source.

The Motorola Droid Razr (locked bootloader version) will be available from Verizon Wireless soon. It goes on pre-order this week on October 27th.

source: Phonearena

2 Replies to “Verizon Has Locked The Motorola Razr, Not Motorola”

  1. Motorola has lost my business for two reasons. Number one, until these bootloaders are unlocked, I will not buy any phone that is locked -carrier enforced or manufacturer made. THAT is the definition of open. Secondly, the skinning of Android [i.e. blur, sense, and touchwiz] is ugly, bulky, and a huge resource hog. My first phone, the OG Droid ran much better than my Droid 2 Global, that is until I flashed CM7.1.

    …I suppose what I am saying is I will be buying Nexus branded phones only.

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus is my next phone. Thank you Google and Samsung for ICS,he Nexus III!

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