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Verizon Definitely Getting Galaxy Nexus

Verizon Wireless has long been rumored to be the rollout carrier for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the United States. While it was announced that both a 4G/LTE and HSPA+ version are available a carrier has yet to be announced for the device. In fact, after it was announced by Kim Titus that the Galaxy Nexus would come to DoCoMo in Japan they didn’t reveal any other carriers, leaving Verizon Wireless customers bewildered and other carriers carriers hopeful.

Well Scott Webster over at Android Guys was checking out the photos from Romain Guy’s Google Plus. He’s the Android engineer that took the beautiful videos in the Ice Cream Sandwich presentation.  As Webster points out if you look very closely at the device rigged up to take the videos there is a clear 4G/LTE logo below the camera. That’s Verizon’s 4G/LTE logo.

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We double checked to make sure there wasn’t some universal 4G/LTE logo, like for an association or something and in fact we also went to the AT&T website to make sure their 4G/LTE logo was different and it is.  Also when you’re beta testing a new device in the early stages there are typically no carrier markings at all. So it’s not like this is just a test device. The device that Guy used in the video is either retail ready or damn close.

While there is still hope that T-Mobile and AT&T are getting the device (and we heard T-Mobile is) it’s definite that it is also headed to Verizon.  Typically the stripped down Vanilla developer phone, branded Nexus, is multi-carrier and worldwide.

source: AndroidGuys

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