Top Tech Sites Pick Up Russell Holly’s “Nexus Prime” Trololol Post As News

Wow the world we live in.  Earlier today Russell Holly, who writes for made a fictitious Google+ post on the topic of the Nexus Prime trolls and how everyone is reporting crazy rumors, with made up sources.  The point of the story was that everyone is so amped up for the Google/Samsung announcement in a few hours, that they are prepared to believe anything.

Well top industry sites Pocket Now and Slash Gear did just that.  They picked up Russell’s story as news.  The story details accessories including an induction charger that would allow you to shake the phone up and down in a “masebatory” state to charge the device and the accessory we must have, a dash mount with a projector that projects your QR code.

Sorry folks these accessories aren’t real.  The fact that these two sites picked up the story proves Holly’s point to the core.

See the entire story here or below the break
With less than a day before launch, this anonymous Cyanogenmod member, who is remaining anonymous for their career safety, was caught in a Google+ Hangout late last night. After a few drinks with fellow Team Douche members, this team member divulged the path with which the next Stock Android device has come to fruition.
As you may or may not know, the CyanogenMod team has been working very closely with Google over the past 2 months. Google, who acknowledged the combined experience and technical knowledge of the development team, decided to bring in the CyanogenMod team to help design, develop, and deploy the next Nexus device.
Shortly after the interaction began, rumors started flooding in about the next Nexus, none of which were true. Claims that LG was going to be involved, claims that nVidia would be involved, and claims that it would be a Verizon Wireless exclusive was just more than the team could bear. So, the team did what they do best; they trolled the Internet.
The leaks started to turn, universally, towards a “Nexus Prime”. The name had come forth out of a complete and total joke, but spread like wildfire. Bloggers across the world picked this name up from their “sources close to the action”. Before long, the name was synonymous with the device, despite there never being any proof that this was the name.
As for what our drunken would-be leak let slip about the device, we’ve been told to expect Google to unveil a phone that docks into a tablet, that docks into a television, completing the three screen approach to taking over the house with Android. Accessories for the device will include a sliding keyboard dock, a kinetic recharger commonly seen with flashlights, and a car mount with a personal QR code projector.

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