There’s Nothing Leading About The Leader International Impression 7 Android Tablet

A new company has thrown their hat into the Android tablet arena. The company, Leader International, from Pasadena California is bringing a 7″ Android tablet to the market. The problem is there is nothing leading or impressionable about their Impression 7 tablet.

The first thing that we noticed about the Leader International tablet is it’s resistive touch screen. Resistive technology is about three years too old and was commonly found on Asian knock off tablets commonly known as MID’s. Resistive screens were also featured on many of the original Archos tablets.  Resistive touch screens are not nearly as fluid as capacitive touch screens and are harder to operate.

The next thing on the list of the Fail International tablet is the fact that it’s coming out in 2011 and running Android 2.2 Froyo. Of course Froyo is an operating system designed for phones and it’s two generations old.

With specs like this we are almost certain you won’t find access to the Android Market or Google Apps. The pricing is set at $179 but there are other Asian knock offs and MID’s at a lower cost than that.  For around $200 you’re better off with a Kindle Fire. Also the T-Mobile Springboard is coming soon, and we hear the pricing point will be close.

source: BGR

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  1. As far as I’m concerned any review of a gadget with a resistive touch screen can stop with the specs right there. That alone tells me how much the company cares about the quality of the user experience.

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