TDG Live: CTIA Keynote: Ralph De La Vega

10:27am: De La Vega wrapping up.

10:26am De La Vega talking about wearable connected devices, they talked about this yesterday afternoon along with personal body networks

10:24am: Video talking about Amber Alert GPS an oreo cookie sized device that tracks a child every 5 minutes which would give law enforcement a “bread crumb” trail of where the child has been

10:23am video talks about a connected device that monitors people, guy on video says “It’s like OnStar for People”

10:22am: De La Vega shows another video on emerging connected devices

10:20am: Here have a pic

10:19am DeLaVega shows video on telemedicine

10:12AM: DeLaVega shows a quick video on the AT&T Foundry.

TIP: The innovation Pipeline

AT&T is using a venture capital model to find the best ideas from AT&T employees.  TIP allows ideas to be shared with a broad audience of collaborators and could get funded.  AT&T has more than 100,000 employees participating in the program. 500 ideas submitted a month 50 already funded.  “AT&T Toggle” came out of TIP

10:09am: DeLaVega reveals AT&T’s innovation centers called AT&T Foundry with locations in Paolo Alto, Dallas and Israel

10:07am Ralph De La Vega, CEO of AT&T Mobility comes on stage, jokes back on Dan Hesse saying he’s the best actor in the wireless industry.