TDG LIVE: CTIA Keynote Day 1

10:02am: Conclusion: It’s a wonderful time for the industry to make a positive change in our world. Take aways: Natural disasters, environment and going green, distracted driving and accessibility.

10:01am: Hesse now talking about handicap accessibility and highlighting Sprint Relay ID package

10:00am: Hesse said that Farmer’s Insurance ad on distracted driving is great. ┬áTalking about Sprint’s Drive First application

9:58am Hesse talking about distracted driving, 20% of all crashes are relating to distracting driving. One of Hesse’s sons just got his license.

9:57am: Highlighting more wireless environment initiatives

9:56am: Hesse has implemented a “Green Closure” period for Sprint’s corporate office and employees from December 24th to January 2nd Sprint offices will have thermostats turned down and lights off, employees are encouraged to take their vacations during this period and or work from home.

9:53am: Dan Hesse: Only 10% of used cell phones in the US are recycled. CTIA Board to establish recycling standards today

9:51am: US creates 215million tons of e-waste per year.

9:48am: The companies are on the Dow Jones Industrial Sustainability index, Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. Focuses on Social, and environment among other things.

9:48am: 500 million smartphone users will be using a mobile health app by 2015.

9:47am: Dan Hesse talking about wireless impact on mobile health/health care

9:45am Hesse speaking about Warning Alert Response Network, and the wireless’ industry’s impact on natural disasters in the U.S. and abroad in the past year

9:43am: Sprint’s Guy Next Door CEO, Dan Hesse on stage. Just compared AT&T CEO, Ralph DeLaVega to John Wilkes Booth

9:40 Steve Largent on stage, introducing Dan Hesse

9:40am: Steve Largent welcoming CTIA folks. Acknowledged Steve Jobs contribution to wireless and technology.