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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II Review

T-Mobile has released Android phones since day one, and their devices are usually pretty top-notch. HTC is known for their MyTouch series on T-Mobile, and other companies have released a ton of devices as well. To put it flatly, T-Mobile has Android devices, and plenty of them. This can leave users stunned and dazed when entering the store, wondering which device to put in their hands on the way out. Even with all the competition, it is safe to say that when the Samsung Galaxy S II arrived, a lot of the people that walk into a T-Mobile will, or should be, walking out with one.

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Samsung is a well-known manufacturer when it comes to cell phones, especially thanks to their Galaxy S lineup and the fact that Google has chosen them to release their last two Nexus devices (the Galaxy Nexus hasn’t been released yet, but Samsung is the hardware manufacturer). This being said, they haven’t always made top-notch hardware, especially in their early days with Android, but their Galaxy S and Galaxy S II lineups completely changed their image. The Galaxy S II is thin, sleek, and beautiful. There’s no other way to put it. Some may not prefer a plastic design, but the GSII feels great in the hand, and nothing compares to the gorgeous 4.52” Super AMOLED Plus display. The phone is extremely thin, and without the soft-touch material on the back, it feels like it can almost slip right out. When people heard this device had such a large screen, some thought it might be too big, and I even found myself having some doubts. However, the phone feels fantastic, and the light, thin design complements the massive screen which extends to the edges of the device. And the screen really does extend to the edges of the device, which is party why such a large screen can be put on a device without it feeling too big. As I’ve said before, the screen is gorgeous, and has extremely bright, vivid colors and deep, cold blacks making the device ideal for any types of media. The phone is also extremely fast, with its 1.5 gHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 processor, and feels snappy even when pushed to what is many other smartphone’s limits. The device performs great from the homescreens to the browser, and the best speed is speed you don’t have to think about. The GSII just performs and executes without hesitation.  The camera on the GSII is also great, shooting beautiful pictures with its 8MP camera and amazing 1080p HD videos. No matter where I’m at, I always reach for my Galaxy S II when it’s a camera moment, photo or video. The phone has a very short shutter delay, and the camera app has many customizations and features that can make a picture look even better.  The GSII really is just a great piece of hardware.



The Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile comes with the latest version of Android, and comes with TouchWiz4. While I never have been a fan of TouchWiz, or any manufacturer skins, it does a fine job. It can get bulky and annoying at some times, TouchWiz has a few things that I like over stock Android, like the camera app and quick settings in the notification bar. Android 2.3.5 is Android, and has just about everything you would expect. There don’t seem to be any out-of-place bugs, and everything seems run the way it should. Overall, even for TouchWiz, I was ultimately impressed with the polish of the device. It is the best Android device I have used to date. However, T-Mobile decided, for reason (officially) unknown to exclude Google Talk with video from the device, so we are sadly stuck with the old version. Hopefully this will be added at some point, but until then we will just have to live with it…or root it.



The Samsung Galaxy S II works as well as T-Mobile does when it comes to call quality and connectivity. The call quality is great if you have good service, and continues to be unless the call is dropped, which really hasn’t happened more than once or twice. The 4G and Edge connectivity is great, but if you don’t have 4G you are really crawling when it comes to data speeds. Whenever I have 4G the internet speeds are great and noticeably faster than 3G on other carriers, but when I’m on Edge I can’t even send a message through Google Voice. However, my area isn’t the best when it comes to T-Mobile service, but I really haven’t found too many issues with connectivity.



The Samsung Galaxy S II is great no matter what carrier you’re on, and it doesn’t fail when it comes to T-Mobile either. The device is fast, sleek, and sexy, and there really isn’t a question of what device I’d recommend to a person on T-Mobile. Even with the Amaze 4G out as well, I would take the GSII over any other device on the network. It works great, and has a massive screen I just can’t get over. The build quality is great, and the 8MP camera shoots fantastic photos and 1080p video. Overall, the GSII is a fantastic device that I would gladly take as my main device and recommend to anyone.

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