T-Mobile Brewing Up Something November 19th

Tmonews has gotten their hands on an internal memo telling T-Mobile store managers to staff up and expect increased floor traffic on November 19th. Now of course November 19th is a mere 6 days away from Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year, but there’s no explanation as to the increased staffing.

The most recently leaked T-Mobile Road Map doesn’t go past November 9th.  Of course the whole world knows that T-Mobile isn’t getting the iPhone 4S so what’s this news about? Is it the Samsung Galaxy Nexus coming to T-Mobile on November 19th? Is it the Huawwi manufactured T-Mobile SpringBoard coming out November 19th?

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Are we looking at a multiple tablet launch day?

The internal memo states:

“To continue to make the latest wireless internet services accessible and even more affordable, and to support T-Mobile customer needs during an anticipated high-volume day, retail store managers need to schedule November 19th as an all-hands day.”

As our good friend Dave at Tmonews speculates, perhaps T-Mobile is just trying to get customers into their stores before Black Friday when their competitors will be very heavy with traffic.  T-Mobile’s foot traffic has been drastically down this year since March when AT&T announced they were planning on buying the 4th largest carrier in the US back in March.

source: Tmonews