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Strategy Analytics 390 Million Handsets Shipped Globally

Despite a weak global economy handset shipments around the world top 390 million.

Amazingly enough ZTE, who just started selling in the United States, was able to beat out Apple and become the 4th largest handset vendor capturing 5% of the market share.  Alex Spektor, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics said that “ZTE’s growth is being driven by competitive pricing of entry-level models for feature phones and Android smartphones.”

Although Nokia was still number 1 globally, their sales slid 3% leaving them at 106.6 million handsets in Q3 vs 110 million handsets in Q2.  LG also took a slide percentage wise but was still firmly in 3rd place with 21.1 million handsets. Samsung was the number 2 manufacturer of handsets globally for the second quarter in a row. Although Samsung has been mum on quarterly earnings calls where numbers are concerned, Strategy Analytics says Samsung shipped 88 million handsets in Q3 up 17 million from the previous quarter.

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Where marketshare is concerned, Nokia was on top with 27.3% of the market, while Samsung’s number two spot was good for 22.6% of the market. In retrospect, Apple was only good for 4.4% of the market, up .3% from the previous quarter.

The study does show that regardless of the economy, people worldwide are still buying phones of one flavor or another.  This data from Strategy Analytics encompasses all types of handsets and not just smart phones.

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